Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving update (guest blogger - Micki)

Rachel wanted everyone to know that she had an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend even with a short visit to the hospital.  Wednesday, November 23rd, Rachel was admitted through the ER at Marietta Memorial Hospital (MMH) as a result of a fungal element in her bloodstream, she also had a bacteria infection that needed treatment. While at MMH, she received a blood transfusion.  Rachel returned home Thanksgiving afternoon for some overdue rest.  A belated Thanksgiving dinner was held at Rachel's house on Saturday, November 26th. She joined a crowded kitchen & living room full of family for a traditional feast.  The girls, Iris and Vera, were excited to watch the lighted night parade in Belpre with their cousins.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Time for Giving Thanks (guest blogger - Micki)

Micki here writing on behalf of Rachel.  This is a short post, I will write more later about the sky lantern launch, visitors and the trip to Texas.   I just wanted to say "Thank you" to all Rachel's supporters and cheerleaders! She is very thankful to have so many family and friends showing that they care and love her.

~This picture was taken Thursday, November 17th, 2011.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

little things are not so little (Guest blogger - Micki)

Micki here - Thank you for sending the emails to Rachel, she appreciates them and is overwhelmed by her supporters (often from people she has never met). 
Yesterday, Wednesday November 2nd, Rachel had a busy day with several visitors. Her favorite visitor is the person that brings Tea from McDonald's (half sweet/half unsweet), it happened to be Dad.  Mom and I were there all day looking at pictures and organizing. Rachel spoke about future plans, some unpleasant topics that need no further elaboration.
Dad picked up Iris from school to take her to dance class.  Iris was a little grumpy which made it challenging to get her dressed.  I finally got her in pink tights and black leotard and had given up on brushing her hair. Rachel was on the couch armed with hair brush and detangler. Iris stood still and Rachel, with a mother's love, brushed out a school day's worth of tangles and put her shiny blonde hair in a pony tail fit for a dancer.
Uncle Don had dropped off some delicious home cooked food earlier in the day and returned later with Aunt Mary for a short visit.
I left in the evening with Rachel resting, catching up on some sleep before Iris and Vera returned from church when they would inevitably be waking her up with hug & kisses.

The big sister - Micki

*This is one of Rachel's favorite pictures with Vera - taken in the emergency room in September before she went to UPMC Pittsburgh.