Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving update (guest blogger - Micki)

Rachel wanted everyone to know that she had an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend even with a short visit to the hospital.  Wednesday, November 23rd, Rachel was admitted through the ER at Marietta Memorial Hospital (MMH) as a result of a fungal element in her bloodstream, she also had a bacteria infection that needed treatment. While at MMH, she received a blood transfusion.  Rachel returned home Thanksgiving afternoon for some overdue rest.  A belated Thanksgiving dinner was held at Rachel's house on Saturday, November 26th. She joined a crowded kitchen & living room full of family for a traditional feast.  The girls, Iris and Vera, were excited to watch the lighted night parade in Belpre with their cousins.


  1. Ah Rachel you are such an inspiration, my heart is filled with so much love and admiration for you. Sending many prayers.....:-)Hugs
    Thanks Micki

  2. Prayers and Intentions continue for Rachel, all her family and friends who are supporting her in the ways they can, and knowing that Rachel is continuing to shine in her Highest Light, right along with all those holiday ones.... gentle hug.