Sunday, December 4, 2011

back tracking (guest blogger - Micki)

I wanted to talk about some events from November.

Sky lantern launch
November 18th, Friday night at Belpre boat ramp behind Hardees was a sky lantern launch to show support for Rachel.  The event only involved 3 days notice due to weather (winds must be less than 6 mph).  We had planned on launching 50 lanterns (each one takes 2 people to launch).  On the 18th at 6:45 pm family and friends began arriving.  There was plenty of help to unwrap the lanterns and direct supporters to write messages of love and hope on their lanterns.  WTAP was there filming for the nightly news and WNUS sent a van with speakers to play music.  The event was beautiful, more than 50 lanterns were launched and the unofficial participant count was at least 100 supporters.   Rachel was amazed at the showing of support when she saw the 11 o'clock news and home video.

Visit from an old friend
November 21st, Monday, Rachel's dear friend, Jamie, arrived from Austin, Texas for a visit and stayed until Wednesday.  He brought Rachel a special knitted pumpkin hat and Iris &  Vera cowboy hats.  Rachel and Jamie enjoyed each others company, snuggling and laughing about their time together in Texas.  Jamie was given the title of honorary "Uncle Jamie" to Iris and Vera.  Jamie's travel schedule allowed him to make a another short visit back to Belpre on Monday, November 28th before returning to Texas on November 29th.  He spent his last night in the hospital with family, while Rachel was being treated for complications from her cancer.  It was easy to see why Rachel held Jamie in such high regard as a friend, he was so devoted to her during his short stay and now I would consider him part of the family.  

This picture was taken on November 22, 2011.

Treatment in Texas Early November, Rachel was accepted for a clinical trial at Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center after returning home from UPMC (Pittsburgh) for placement of liver stents (10/27/11).  Plans were made for her to fly with Dad to Dallas for treatment.  After several phone calls with nurses, it was discovered that Rachel had already received the drug used in this trial.  The trip was canceled. 

*more posts soon.

Thanks again for all the messages of support.



  1. Okay I have to admit I cried seeing those beautiful lanterns, what a wonderful idea. Rachel must of been very pleased. How nice for her friend to visit and spend time with her and the girls. Sending big hugs and many prayers always......:-)Hugs
    Thanks again Micki, xo

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