Thursday, September 10, 2009

not much to tell

At this point there isn't much on the cancer front to tell. Surgery is next week. I'm enjoying being able to drink COLD liquids and I'm keeping up with the girls better. That will all change soon though.I do enjoy the fact that they will tell me not to lift my own child because she exceeds the weight restrictions. That will probably last for maybe a day when I get home.

Speaking of homes... I've started ACTIVELY looking for a new house (new to me that is) and desperately want to be in THE house by Christmas. I think THE house was snatched up at the beginning of my search. Oh well- there are others. I just have a feeling of urgency to get out of this little house and into a real one that we can fit into better.I looked at one today and SO wish it was "finished" but no go. Love the location,loved the price, loved the space but needed way more done to it than I can take on rightnow.
Hoping the other one I've got my eye on looks good on the inside and drops in price. I can totally handle buying new windows. gimme gimme gimme.

I will be updaing from the hospital since I can do facebook on my phone. Though my notes may be off because I'll be using a phone keypad for typing.... AND I'll be on Morphine! Yay for Morphine!In the meantime, pray for my surgeon, Dr Arnold, to have a steady hand and a good eye (two good ones=even better) to remove ALL the cancerous nodules in my abdominal cavity.

And please keep your fingers crossed for me that recovery is easier with this surgery than it was the last.I will keep you all posted when there is anything to tell. In the meantime- wish me luck and good bidding for my dream home. I think once that endeavor is done, it will be a HUGE stress reliever.

Take care all!

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  1. Hi Rachel,

    I saw that you became a follower of my blog and I looked into your profile and read a little about what is going on with you.

    You are strong, you can do this, you can beat this.

    I am in a different situation with my son Nathan, but I can relate to the pawning off your children to other people. When Nathan is sick or having surgery (which is often) I have to pawn my sweet three year old off. It grieves me, it upsets her. What I do know is that children are resilient. She bounces back every time.

    I will continue to follow your story. Thank you for sharing. I will be thinking of you on the 18th. Best of wishes for a speedy recovery.