Friday, September 25, 2009


Hello again.
It's been some time since I've updated- but to say the least, I've been a bit busy. One week ago today I had the IPHP chemo surgery. The Doc said it went very well and that he believes that the IV chemo and IPHP chemo will do wonders. It sounds promising so I will rest my hat on that for now.
My days went like this: Friday- Nerves, surgery (hell, I "dropped out" before even hitting the operating room. Those drugs are amazing) then waking as I was being wheeled into my home for a few days. I was groggy for the night- falling asleep just about every 10 minutes... just enough time to hit my morphine pump. Jason spent the night... snoring.
Saturday- talk to the Resident on staff who tells me that there are "too many nodules to count" and that this cancer is not cureable. Which, by right, is truth but it didn't tell me much in the way of if this chemo is going to do me any good. I freak a bit and start planning my funeral, then realize. This is a resident. Not the surgeon who did the LAST surgery. So yeah- it looks bad to him, but it's all relative. What looks bad to him may not look bad to someone who's seen it at it's worst (which would be back in May). That aside, I try to bargain with him about getting the NG tube out of my nose because I was ready to SCREAM with it in. He was going to take it out but my LAST run in with NG tubes didn't go so hot when I had complications from last surgery and nurse Ratchet tried putting an NG tube in while I was awake. I tell him I would like it out early on Sunday. Please, Please, Please. Jason heads home, I got up for a walk and Micki comes to spend the night. She sleeps horribly, but is warm because of the awesome Snuggie I bought her.
Sunday- Mom and Dad come up for a visit. All goes well and Dr. Resident comes by (which is nice because is IS good looking) and I get the NG tube out right before Mom, Dad and Micki leave. Hip Hip Hooray! I start cruising the halls. Which seems ballsy after major abdominal surgery but it's the best thing you can do to get things moving and to get home quickly.
Monday- I've been asked at least 6 times by now if I've farted. And sadly, no I hadn't. It's a BIG thing with these surgeries. "Did you pass gas?" NOOOOOOO! This has probably been the LONGEST I've ever gone without farting. Ask my friends and anyone who went to boot camp with me. So we wait. I wasn't hungry anywway. I did get to have some clear liquids by the evening because my stomach growled. "Belly Sounds" is what they call them and I had a bunch, just nothing to show for it. Dr Arnold (my surgeon) comes by to visit fo the first time after surgery and I am out on "walkabout." I become bitchy and want to know if he's going to be there at all because I didn't know he'd been there at all. I talk to his nurse in his office and she tells me I will see him on Weds because he's out Tues. That's fine, just let me know!
Tuesday- still on liquids. And let me tell you, a breakfast of Sprite, jello, beef broth (ack!) and Apple juice will put some hair on your arms. I didn't eat it. Okay, I had the apple juice but the beef broth needed a little something... like BREAD, or MASHED POTATOES. Blech!!! No farts, but I did poop, a couple of times actually. It was like I set the world's record for the 400m dash. Suddenly the cute PCA nurse (was a Guy) wanted to know exactly WHEN I pooped. So I made up a time, because I personally don't keep tabs on stuff like that. So for my poop- I got a treat. More clear liquids.
Wednesday- I have my clear breakfast and walk around most of the day.. with a few stops at my room for vitals and a nap here and there. I FINALLY see my surgeon (whom, for the record, I DO like- he just seems to really like his weekends) and ask the questions I wanted to ask. Actually I didn't get to ask that many because he answers them before I even spit them out. He has a smile on his face when he tells me he thinks this is all going "Very Well" that I'm responding great to the IV chemo and therefore should do likewise with the IPHP chemo. I get to start on solids.. so For an afternoon snack..... A frostee from Wendy's HOORAY!.. Only I'd forgotten about my pain meds. As I was eating the Frostee and coughing because the cold makes me do that, I realize I'm in EXCRUCIATING PAIN!!!!!!! I was due pain meds at 3pm and it was 4:30 and I'm coughing after major abdominal surgery. Things do not go well for me for about an hour and a half. I did get some of the REALLY good stuff and took a nap. Much better. Then I had a lovely dinner of steamed carrots and potatoes and some actually yummy roast beef. For real. I can tell you after this day- I did fart. You can set your woes aside now.
Thursday- Early in the AM, I get a visit from Dr. Chipper Lady and I get the all clear to come home. Then i wait 3 hours for my dad to get there to pick me up.
The rest is history.
I am home now and still VERY hurt-y. Sore and a bit whiny. If you've ever watched a liposuction and thought to yourself "oh my goodness, you would be SO SORE after that surgery." it kind of feels like you think THAT would- only a little worse. But I'm glad to be home and I've got a little more wind in my sails to start the next 9 rounds of chemo.
Billions of thanks to all of you who've sent prayers, kind thoughts and positive thinking my way. Please continue to do so as I KICK CANCER'S ASS.


  1. Wow ... glad you are home.

    Wishing you all the best.

  2. I chuckled as I read your post. Not that what you've gone through is funny... it just sounds so familiar. I am so glad you are home. It is hard to get any rest in the hospital. Being in familiar surroundings with loved ones is comforting. I hope you have a speedy recovery from this surgery, with no complications. Best of luck to you!

  3. Thanks ladies! My best to you as well!

  4. I am so glad that you are home. I've been checking everyday for an update from your surgery. Dealing with residents is a pain in the ass. I refer to them as "Jr.'s". I don't put any stake in what they have to say. I get down right ugly and demand to talk to the surgeon every time Nathan has surgery. I go somewhat crazy and somehow the surgeon shows up every time. (If he's not out like yours was :)

    I am going to relay your journey to my aunt who is fighting melanoma cancer right now. She is a fighter as well.

    I will continue to think about you and keep you in my prayers.