Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting Into It.

This is what happens when I go back to work- I actually work. Hmm, I must work on that.
Well, here's the dirty: I am in the process of trying to get a hold of Dr. Nemunaitis in Dallas, TX. He does cancer research and lots of experimental, uh, stuff. He's rather hard to get in touch with but I will continue to call. I talked to him once before my attempted HIPEC. He said if things didn't go as planned to get back to him- and so I am.
I am also looking into Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Chicago looks like it will be the best bet.
I am also going to talk to a herbalist and am trying to find someone that knows SOMETHING about acupuncture but around HERE it's a needle in a haystack.
I keep looking.
I will NOT be doing any avastin treatments for now because if I need to have even a minor surgery it may have to be delayed because of the blood-thinning that avastin does. I hate to put off any treatment but I have to thing "long" short-term... or whatever the hell you would call it.

On another note- My sister put me, Jason and the girls in for a retreat sponsored by Inheritance of Hope and it looks like the 4 of us will be going to Disney theme parks in Florida in January. From what I know, everything is paid for and taken care of. They will have people to assist with child care and they will have workshops for the girls (well, maybe just Iris) to learn to cope. Though the workshops will be more like games to them. I kinda feel like we shouldn't go because I got to go to New York with the girls in August. Is there a limit on things like this? I feel like I'm being greedy. {Shrug}
We could never afford to take the girls to Disney otherwise- and I would give an arm (or my bellybutton if I had one) to see Iris' face when we walk in anyway. So glad I bought another camera.

As far as ME... I'm doing okay. Glad to be back to work. I get to think about the stuff that shouldn't be thought about anyway- It's all about the entertainment industry on one of my stations. I get to talk about "Heidi and Spencer got married AGAIN!!!!" Nothing like a little escape from real troubles, right? I'm still tired but running out of excuses. I won't be running any time soon... just walking for now. I don't look forward to the inevitable jiggle that will come with a full gallop. blech.
The girls make every day great. I dropped them off at my mom's house to spend the night this past weekend and missed them the minute I walked in the empty house. They continue to be my strength. My reason for getting up in the morning, my reason for putting up with the headache that is navigating the cancer treatment labryinth. My 2 true loves.


  1. Take advantage of the trip for the girls. Who knows what the future has in store?

  2. I like that you are researching and looking for help in different areas. Good for you. I say go to Disney with your family, you all deserve it and those sponsoring you are only to happy to bring a smile to all your faces.....:-)Hugs

  3. A place you should look into is Healing Source (located across from Scotts Landscaping at the end of Vienna). They had a seminar a few weeks ago and they help a lot of people (pronic healing, reiki, armotherapy).
    Email Lynn or Tonya at

    Sending you prayers,