Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday - (guest blogger - Micki)

Happy Birthday Rachel, my best friend and little sister.  A birthday tribute party was held last Saturday night complete with cake, appletinis, 80s music, naughty limericks, goody bags and great friends.  Tonight I picked up Iris and Vera, and met Mom, Spence, Eva, Mary & Don, Amy & Wesley and Jason for dinner at Western Sizzlin.  We enjoyed sweet tea, Texas toast, sirloin tips, country fried steak, baked potatoes with cheese and hot wings and brussel sprouts from the salad bar (all your favs).  

missing you.

~Micki, the big sis.

Rachel's 35th birthday party, January 2011

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  1. Happy Birthday in heaven Rachel, I imagine you have all the angels laughing and enjoying your precious company. You are missed my friend.