Monday, August 16, 2010


3 Days to New York. 31 Days until MOAS.
Guess which one I look forward to the most?
It's a shame that both couldn't be wonderful things. Hm... If I reframe it- The surgery is a wonderful thing. It's just a necessary step to take to make things wonderful. Kinda like going to college: putting up with cruddy teachers, homework, sleepless nights, tests and so on to get your degree so you can do what you want. You gotta pay the piper ahead of time I guess.
I must've only put in a down payment and now have a balance. That will be evened up shortly.

My oldest is now officially 4 years old. We had her party last night. Did I get pictures? No. Dammit. I was doing my headless chicken imitation. Hoping enough people around me got pictures and will be nice enough to send them to me. My Aunt Mary was all about making it a big party. She put on the dog for us. (Thanks Mary) Mom, Micki and Misty were LOTS of help. Iris had a blast. I know lots of people don't see the need for a big party for a kid but she really was happy to see everyone there. Plus, it's over the summer and she was WAY lonely- she talked about all the kids she saw there all the way home and through the bedtime routine. I like big parties. Evidently so does she. My only worry is that invitations may be seen as 'present greedy.' But it's not like that- I just figured we had an entire pool for kids to play in... it was paid for, so why would you NOT invite everyone you'd think would have fun? So that's what I did.
I did't get in. I don't know that I will be donning a bathing suit in any kind of crowd ever again. I'll reserve that beautiful sight for immediate family and good friends. (It would actually be more appropriate for enemies... cuz it's more like a punishment than a privilege.)

The Fam leaves for New York on Thursday. Me, the Hubs, the Girls and the Mother-in-law. I am STOKED! I've bought tickets to see "Wicked" on Broadway, Friday night. Have no idea what I'm wearing. Hell- we'll be flying by the seat of our pants the entire weekend. Of course we have specific destinations, but then we have to 'plan' for the unexpected. I don't like a strict itinerary... I may decide to stay in one place longer and may leave another WAY early.

When we get will be a whirlwind- getting the downstairs ready for company. I'm hoping that I'll have a houseguest over Thanksgiving. But before then I may be needing extra help with the girls but I don't want to ship them off all day- every day. It would be nice to have someone to wrangle the girls with me when Jason does the yardwork and such. The Dungeon is a mess and I either need to clean it up or I need to build a wall so that people coming into my house can't look directly at the mess in the den. Hmmm. A wall just might be easier.

I am kind of in limbo at this point. I worry about not being on chemo until surgery. I look at the number of days I have until surgery and it scares me. I am down to 2 pair of pants that fit comfortably. 31 more days. At the same time though, that's a lot of time to get healthy. Baby steps.... I made the mistake of getting over-ambitious with my walking goals. Now I'm sporting a blister on my heel. Poo. And boy, did I hurt the next day. BUT that's not going to be an excuse. I don't want to hurt after walking... Sore GOOD- Hurt BAD. (in my best Frankenstein voice)

Hey- gotta get in walking shape for New York- right? And I don't see any reason to stop after that.

It's a good day. Gonna be a good week. (The exception being the 2 hr plane ride- eek!)

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  1. Excellent continued usage of YouTube clips to emphasize your posts. I have my own habit of comparing my life to movie clips, glad I'm not the only crazy one...