Monday, August 2, 2010

Great Break

I had a fantastic weekend with a few old friends from my Navy days in Fallon, Nevada. It was so great to see them and to sort of forget about the cancer or at least to not worry about it for a while. You never really forget you have cancer. It's not like putting your sunglasses on your head and looking around the house trying to find them before you look in the mirror and realize where they are. Nope- you can't shake that one. BUT you CAN not care about it for a day or two. It's a nice mental break.

We visited some antique stores on Friday and the WWI Museum in Kansas City on Saturday. Other than that we hung at my friend Karen's house and talked, drank a few and watched old videos. (I forgot how totally gross the guys were... too funny.)
It was really great of those who did make it to come. I know it was a lot of work and money to get there. I'm hoping that with a year of advanced noticed- next year's reunion will be bigger by a few people. Karen said my only job until then is to stay alive. I'll do my best, Karen.

In the meantime... surgery. Another. Damn. Surgery. Hopefully it will relieve the swelling belly. In more ways than one I'm sure. Not eating AND removing all the friggin' cancer mucous in my abdomen.
Over the weekend we (or I) invented a new concept called "Nad Rules." Nad is the cat I had in Fallon, Nevada. I had him for a while when I was living with Karen and when I got transfered to Corpus Christi, Texas I couldn't take him with me. Karen still has him- 13 years later- and he looks fantastic. Plus he's one of the coolest cats I know. ANYWAY... He really enjoyed jumping on the pool table to lay down. Well, we were playing pool. So I said "Nad Rules" we play around the cat and whatever he does with the balls is totally legal. If he sinks the 8 ball- HE wins. Somehow it became a term for doing whatever you want or changing the rules to whatever, whenever. So if I use the term- you've all been schooled.

I'm leaving town yet again tomorrow. Setting off for Baltimore and meeting Dr. Sardi. My sister and I head out for the 5 hour trip around noon and staying with a friend. I should get a go date for surgery. And HOPEFULLY it will be soon. The Secretary told me he is scheduling into September... LATE September. That would mean I'd have to go back on chemo. I really hope he will see me as urgent and work me in EARLY!!! (Nad Rules) Like NEXT WEEK early.

When I know- so will you.

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  1. Sending good vibes along for your trip! Nad rules. Good advice for us all. Some big cat has been f*&king with my life and I just need to go along with the flow....