Thursday, July 29, 2010

Short update

I titled this post before I started typing- I'm not changing it no matter how long this post ends up being.
I SHOULD be doing something more productive than this blog right now but had to give an update.
I am busy with paperwork, chores, packing, being a mommy, being a wife, an air talent (for what it's worth) and so on.
I've packed and am MOSTLY ready to head to the airport for Missouri. Leaving the house at noon. Plane leaves @ 3:40. Starbucks is screaming my name! I'm excited to see my navy buddies. Only a few can make it- but it will be fun, none-the-less.

Today I need to make a couple of phone calls to get my pathology slides to Dr. Sardi in Baltimore (with whom I have an appointment on Wednesday then HOPEFULLY scheduling my MOAS). I have to call OSUMC to get them though and I think my name is one the 'tainted' list because of what I've said about them here on this blog. They never did fax my records to Dr. Sardi (that I am aware of) even with the "ASAP" put on the request/release form.
I ended up calling my personal primary care provider's office where it's my Doc, her nurse and the secretary. It's WAY more personal and I KNOW I can rely on them. I asked Brooke to contact OSUMC to get my records faxed to HER so I can have all my stuff centralized and get copies for myself. They will fax whatever I need to whoever I need them faxed to. Plus, she id digitizing my records. Yay for technology.
So I will have the rest of my records sent to Dr. Sardi and Dr. Nemunaitis in Dallas. My uncle suggested him because he is in cancer research. Things like gene therapy, cancer immunizations and so on. So I'd imagine a visit to the Lone Star State is probably in my near future.

I was happy to get the phone call from Dr. Sardi's office. "Dr. Sardi thinks he can help you and would like to meet you."
That's music to my ears.


  1. Great news Rachel! Maybe if you had used STAT instead of ASAP they would have understood the urgency...ok who am I kidding? They can suck it if they got their feelings hurt by your blog. Sometimes the truth hurts. Let me know when you head to Dallas and maybe we can meet up. :0)

  2. Have a great trip! Damage a few brain cells. Cool news on Sardi. Never heard of Dr. Nemunaitis before... hmmmm.... if he's not an experienced PMP guy, I'd wonder about the use of time with him right now. Just me sticking my nose in...

  3. He's not a PMP guy- but a researcher. He's actually my uncle's brother-n law. :o he and his team may create an immunization against the cancer from my specimens. I don't know when I'll actually MEET with him but I want my 'stuff' to go to research and he'll work in tandem with Dr Sardi. He'll have to get some yummys from my guts to play with. Nom, Nom.

  4. Have a great weekend with some old friends. Sounds like Sardi is willing to move you into the fast lane! Please say hello to him and ask him if he enjoyed the book that I gave him.

    Wishing you the very best,

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