Sunday, July 25, 2010


Time seems to fly just when I don't want it to. The last 2 weeks seem like a blur. It's almost August and it's almost GO time. No, I don't have a date for surgery or even who will be doing it. I would imagine that if Dr. Sardi takes me- Ii will go with him. Hopefully he will be able to navigate amongst the scar tissue and mucous and possibly avoid a colostomy bag. Yes, Yes. I know. At least I'll be alive. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

So I was in Cleveland on Tuesday and Pittsburgh Saturday. Totally different reasons. Thursday night Iris spent the night at Micki's (my sister) and then decided on the way back from Pittsburgh Saturday evening that she wanted to stay there again. Which makes me happy- a little sad because it's a night away from her, but I like seeing that if anything happens to me that she's got a bond with Micki. I hope Vera has the same bond with her. We visited my Dad this evening he took Iris for a ride on his new mower- she might as well have been on a camel, she was gleaming! I love that the girls adore him.

This week is going to be hectic. My co-host (the main guy) on the morning show is off for the week and I will be flying solo there. Then helping out with Iris' Vacation Bible School- then boxing Tues and Weds to get the frustration out. Yep- Fat Girl Boxing. Well- just the training. I don't think it would be particularly wise to get in a ring with my messed up midsection and no omentum fat. But the workout will do me good.
THEN Thursday I'll be flying to Missouri for a 'reunion' with my Navy buds. I am looking forward to it... people I haven't seen in 13 years!

And even though I'm not dead- THEY haven't forgotten about me.



  1. How in the hell could any of us forget about you? You were always so much fun to be around even when you were pissed off. Sandy & I sure wish we could be there with you but it just wasn't in the cards for us. We expect to see lots of pictures!!!! {{{HUGS}}} Jenn

  2. I think you should call me and interview me on your morning zoo show.