Monday, May 30, 2011

Gotta Get With It

Wow- time flies when you don't even know it.
Actually it's been an interesting so-many days. Lots of running but I don't even feel like I've gotten anything done. All the stuff on my dining room table is the same stuff that's been there for the last month or so. yep. Papers and markers and a ton of random stuff. Throw in the mail, bills, coupons and you've got the picture complete. I DID get Vera's room and Iris' room cleaned... mostly. And I've got a trash bag and an industrial bin full of clothes to get rid of. Gonna have to crack the whip on myself to get my room totally overhauled.
The husband and I had another really good fight- about recognition and other stuff. He now says- after all is said and done- "You're not going to blog or Facebook about this are you?" Of course not. Saying we fight like any normal couple does is not blogging about the fight... it's just saying it happened, I'm not going into details. I DO think he needs to go to counseling. As do I. both of us for different reasons.

I'm in Dallas right now. My sister came with me this time. I love her. She's my best friend. But boy do we have our own arguments. She got a car and I asked her if I could drive because I know my way around pretty well here and didn't feel like giving directions or listening to the GPS. She is a little irked because she wanted to drive to give me a break. See the delimma? It's just one thing and then another. She worries about me a lot. I worry about her.
She's never been down here with me so she will be seeing the hospital for the first time. I will probably meet with the doctor I saw last time. I'd rather see the same nurse practitioner I'd been seeing since February. She seemed more receptive and nicer than the lady I'm seeing now. Of course since it's my last shot- I will probably be seeing a few more folks. eh- okay.
After this last shot I can start other stuff. Stuff I can take part in at home or closer to home at least. Not that distance matters... it's just a little perk.

Well, I will update tomorrow night with any info I've got. There might not be much to tell. Next CT scan isn't until the end of June.

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