Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scans and Round 4

Let's just say I knew it wouldn't be GREAT news. So I will start with a little perspective:
The tumors in my abdomen doubled in size in a month (between December and January)= Not good.
January was the last time I had CT scans.
12 weeks ago I had my first vaccine- They said it may take 8-12 weeks to start working (maybe longer). And that the body has to have time to build the immune system. So with time, the vaccine could progressively get stronger.
All that being said, CT scan news isn't "good."
The tumors have grown 16% since January. Yes, them growing at all sucks on toast. But they didn't double in size, they didn't triple... it's been 3 months and only 16%. So let's say the vaccine has slowed down the growth?
Let's say that. And let's say that after this 12 week point- the vaccine will be working at it's full potential, meaning it will be shrinking the hell out of the tumors.
I have another shot at the end of May, no scans. Then scans at the end of June. We'll see what comes of it.
In the meantime- My immune system will be getting boosts from being happy and with my girls- and a trip to Italy in June.
Plus, since I will have the time- I will be juicing a lot more and I will be meeting with the hippie doctor to see what kind of nasty concoctions I can drink or eat or whatever to help my immune system.

There are other trials I am elegible for and I will be doing those too- as soon as I get my last shot.
I'll have the details on those trials when I get more information about them.

In the meantime- I'm ready to start bashing heads to get it to the medical community that appendix cancer IS NOT colon cancer. The sooner they get that through their thick as hell skulls, the better. And I'm sure the more lives they can start saving.

So, let's focus on the marginal news and the hope of good news in the future instead of the 16%.

More later folks.
Thank you for the continued prayers.


  1. Well, shit. I was really hoping for rainbows and unicorns. The fact that there's been such a drastic slow-down HAS to be a good thing. IT JUST HAS TO.

    I've got you and your girls in my prayers and thoughts everyday. I can't wait for our July meetup!!!

  2. We are thankful for the only 16%, although shrinking would have been awesome, we rejoice with you in the 'limited' growth. And we pray that now the vaccine will start working at full potential and shrink, shrink, shrink!!! For what my opinion is worth, I think your outlook on this is a healthy one. We pray for God's healing, via vaccination or another method, we believe He is able. I hope you can enjoy the rest of your time in Texas w/your hubby.

  3. Only 16%!?! That's GREAT news! I'm glad that the vaccine is doing something. It'll be up to full speed in no time. That cancer is a stubborn bugger, but it'll get bored and lazy and that's when your immune system will get it.

  4. Rachel you are doing so well, honestly. The scan is not all bad news - 16% growth. Am praying by the end of June they will be shrinking. Have a great Mother's Day with your 2 little girls. Keeping you in my heart and prayers......:-)Hugs

  5. Love your attitude...just roll with it and listen to your body, summer is around the corner--Italy awaits and the kids are giggling...tests look is good! Hugs to you!

  6. Rachel--this all sounds like great news to me! You're heading in the right direction. And I know of the perfect immune booster for you. If I didn't share this with you now, I would never live it down. Besides me just telling you that I absolutely, whole-heartedly believe in this product called juice plus, and love it to pieces, let me find some articles and research backing up its effectiveness in boosting the immune system and fighting cancer for you to read. My email is Since you mentioned you're all about alternative therapies, I would love to get you as much info as possible! Email me, girl ;)

  7. I continue to intend the vaccine is working right now, and that your medical team is making the right decisions for your life and that all good is coming to you for the highest and best good of all concerned, so be it and SO IT IS...whoooo! Amen.

    Have you read about 'blessing your water' to bring out its healing properties? Give thanks to the water for healing you, tell it you love it for what it can do for you, and know it is working... Google Dr. Emoto in Japan on the healing properties of water.

  8. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts, Rach! ONLY 16%! It doubled in size in a month before the vaccine! It only grew 16% in 3 months!
    That's an amazing drop in growth! AMAZING!
    Keep thinking good thoughts, Rach! And I will continue to think of you each and every day!