Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Shot....

Sounds so final doesn't it? Not like- "This is my last shot at life!!" heh heh... Just my last vaccine shot.
It still hurt like a bitch. Waah. But now I'm looking into other stuff that evidently hasn't been tried and is very promising.

See, here I was- thinking that there wasn't anything after this and voila! New stuff always around the corner.

I guess there is something called CPT-11 and Erbitux... stuff I can get closer to home. Then there is some sort of yeast stuff I might start on that's supposed to attack the hell out of the cancer too. the other stuff is to shrink the tumor and the Doc sounded positive about it. By the way- I got Cindy- the one I LIKE- today. And YES- it does make a difference. She looked at my swollen lymph node on my neck... the one on my arm at the bendy part... see how clinical I am? Aaaaaannnd the coup de grâce of grody bumps= my sternum lump. It's gotten bigger and grosser. I need a name for it. A name that I can rejoice in getting rid of- any suggestions for my "Sternum Lump" name? Bring it.
The girls want to see it and touch it. I want to cut it off. You can't see it really well, but if you're looking for it, you, too can be disgusted just like me. Nom. I will NOT be posting pictures… though I did take pictures of it. I have no idea why. It’s not something I’d be excited about someone finding on my phone if I lost it.

Speaking of losing stuff. .. I have been losing crap left and right. I forgot to get my cash back from the self checkout machine at the grocery store. When I realized it- I went to the customer service counter- no one turned in any money. Nice. Now I’ve misplaced my ATM card. I know it’s at home, but where- I have NO idea. No one has been charging anything crazy on my account. I just don’t have my card. I don’t want a new one because that means re-doing all my accounts on Paypal and Amazon. Grrr.

All right... I think the nurses want me outta here. I will leave as soon as I get my information. I'm ready for a siesta. And maybe some cheesecake. Or some sort of Texas dessert. Though I think Texas dessert is brisket... or at least something meaty.

I'm up for it.

Later all. Happy, shrinking thoughts everyone.


  1. If only we all had your wonderful attitude and sense of humor, hope all is going well today. Sending big hugs and many prayers....:-)

  2. Name for the unusual Sternum lump that only those who find your phone, should you ever lose it, will be looking at: S.M. Marcus (Stud Muffin)... gotta make is sound like you have this incredibly hot man lurking upon your chest! :)
    <3 Kelly

  3. Prayers to St. Anthony have worked for me - and I'm not even Catholic - when I have something lost that I just HAVE to find. He doesn't require payments, but he does expect you to share the good news about his help! I just say, "St. Anthony,I really, really need your help finding this ______, and I promise to tell 10 people about you when (not if) we find it. Thank you."

    Continuing to intend that the vaccine is doing its job and that the new options support your objectives in living longer and healthier for the highest and best good of all concerned... so be it and SO IT IS!!!! whoooo