Friday, August 19, 2011

Here's The Update

I don't feel strungout, drugged out, flat, shakey, hurt-y or any of that stuff so I will attempt to blog like I promised.
Since last we talked, I didn't know what was next.  Continuing on with what's available?  I moved from Hopsice because you can't be on hospice and treatment at the same time.  Home Health is for that dealio.  I'm still on a pain pump and I am sure someone has told me that would be a good idea before?  Well, go on with the "I Told You So's".

I don't need a fraction of the pills I was carrying around in my ever-growing purse.  BUT now I have to carry around a hip bag... or  du, dun, dun  FANNY PACK-24/7.
But you know, for the pain it relieves, I'm on board.  I also can't drive :(
My friend Stephanie organized a 'card shower and I haven't seen that many cards in...... ever.  thank you to EVERYONE who sent cards. it means a ton that I've evidently touched that many people with just another cancer- and a simple, whiny blog.

I had chemo today and it was started to get brutal towards the end.  Cold sweats hot sweats and by that point you gotta go to the bathroom every 5 minutes.  I was never happier than to just get the hell out of there.

Tomorrow is Iris' first day of kindergarten- Indoc day then the real thing on Monday.  So I MUST get some rest.

Gonna try to do more updates form here out, though they may be shorter.
So goodnight everyone.  Thank you for the food, the cards, the prayers, the visits and thebest wishes.


  1. Rachel, As a long time friend and someone who took life for granted, you have changed my views and my life. I only wish I could help more with that which you are enduring. The bullets, mortars and rockets here, only convince me that I am a lucky soul.

    I begin my trip back to reality next month. September 15, I will leave the desert and return to a somewhat normal life, a life I had until recently taken for granted. Rachel, I was in Special Operations in the Army. The US Army Rangers and Special Forces (Green Berets). The training and the hardships I endured in training and combat are so very pale in comparison to what you live with everyday! You are a strong woman!

    Rachel, we are not married, we have never been boyfriend or girlfriend, but I can tell you, as my friend, you are the one I think of each and every single day. I think how I have wasted a portion of my life and that I did not enjoy more of my life. The expression better late than never does not quite encompass the gravity in which I heed these words now.

    I wish you a great day and a happy life! The best thing I have ever learned is live each day to the fullest. However, it did not have meaning until you taught it to me! I will live each day to the fullest! Thanks for being you and stay strong kiddo!

    I hope you have a wonderful day! The pain will pass but memories never will! Continue to live each day to the fullest! You are an inspiration!

    ~ Mike R.

  2. Hello my friend, thinking of you today as Iris is off to kindergarten, hope you both have a good day.
    Happy that you have the pain pump to relieve your pain, hope you have a great weekend surrounded by family and friends. Sending big hugs, prayers and love to you.....:-)

  3. I would love send you a handmade card. My email is if Stephanie or you would like to send me your address. I hope you are feeling good tonight and that Iris had a great day at kindergarten. Did you take pics? Prayers and hugs coming your way from NC.

  4. I continue to intend and pray for you, Rachel, and know that your day with Iris at kindergarten must have been joyful, watching her move into that next phase of growth and activity.

    If I had known how to send you a card, you can be sure I would have done that, but I'm delighted to hear that so many of your friends did! Blessings from South America.

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