Sunday, August 30, 2009

..and so the story goes...

It's been an eventful week, (in no particular order) signing up Iris for preschool (starts on Tues!!) watching Belpre lose it's pants to Warren, going to a friend's birthday party/mock funeral ( :-O), getting chemo and taking my sister for her colonoscopy. The doc found two polyps during the colonoscopy and removed them- they were benign- HOORAY! I was honestly terrified for her- Things haven't been going well for the females in my family this summer. Now, if I can just get my SIXTY YEAR OLD FATHER to get his colonoscopy since he's never had one and is 10 years past due! (If you know him- give him grief about it) Actually, to think about it- i can think of a couple of cousins (Amy and Jimmy) who should get their colons on the big screen too. (I MEAN IT)Hey- Colonoscopies for EVERYONE!!!! Do it for fun!I am on the upswing from my last round of chemo- and GLAD of it. how irritating it is to not be able to drink anything cold. grrr. And THAT is just the small annoyance if it.

I won't be doing IV chemo until October because I'm waiting for the IPHP/Surgical Chemo. Yippeee... i KNOW you can fel my excitement. Ahhh- the pleasures of a catheder AND an NG tube. If only I could make the feeling last forever. A necessary evil I know. I might as well be out with it- I will probably have to have a total hysterectomy in the near future because the "seeding" of the cancer has landed on my "mommy parts" and taken up residence. It's also take up residence in MANY other places- the doc is scheduling 4 hours for the surgery. It's going to be like pulling weeds I guess... hunt, cut, hunt, cut, hunt, cut and so on until all the little cancer nodules are properly "plucked." After that is the scraping of my liver to get the nasties off the surface, and then a GOOOOOOOD washin' down. I wonder if I'll feel Lemony Fresh after the whole thing? or will I be too drugged up to notice. I totally vote "Too drugged up to notice."

You know- the first couple of times in the hospital I was a little sheepsh when asking for the hard drugs for pain because I didn't want anyone thinking I was a druggie- now- I simply don't care. They're not going to give me more than I'm allowed and it's for actual, legitimate PAIN. So BRING IT ON!!! It's not a contest to see who can take the most pain. Nobody gets a stinkin' medal because they didn't take ALL pain meds they were allowed and "sucked it up." Anyway-

I'm looking forward to a couple of weeks without the chemo and it's side effects- although, I'd rather just do it and have it done than add another month on to when the treatment will be over. We're looking at February now instead of January. Nothing says "Happy Valentines Day" like intestinal distress, nausea and fatigue.

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  1. Hi Rachel!! I hope the surgery goes well. You made me laugh about the medals bit as far as pain management is concerned. I said that same exact thing when I gave birth to Kiley all-natural back in 1999. It sucked. I wanted drugs. I got tears instead. I told everyone who would listen that no one would knock on your door to thank you for being a masochist. So when I gave birth to Cade, I had them give me all the drugs they could. Oh, it was great!!