Sunday, August 9, 2009

Round 2 Tomorrow

I go for another round of chemo tomorrow. Hoping this time it goes a little smoother. It's really just boring. And I'm gonna have to have a little chat with the old lady that takes forever in the bathroom (an seems to have the same "schedule" I do) because there i only one women's toilet right there and when this chick needs to go- SHE NEEDS TO GO!!
I have also learned my lesson aobut watching Kathy Lee Gifford and Hota or whatever her name is... I will only watch it for the train wreck that it is... and critique accordingly.
My hair is thinning.. at least it's falling out a lot. I cut it shorter because it was just EVERYWHERE!!! In my daughter's hands, on the couch, in the drain, in my FOOD- ACK!!!! I figure I will be shaving the noggin soon... maybe within the month. All in all everything is okay. I thing I am getting "used" to the idea of having cancer... but will never understand how those around me feel. Because it sounds weird, but I know how much I like people.. you know? Certain people... you like them alot and care about them and would do anything for them... I sincerely just never thought anyone (except for my family) felt that way about me. It sounds kind of dumb because I know I feel that way about other people, so why wouldn't someone feel that way about me? I dunno. I really just kind of saw myself as a "Toadie" or a Jane Schmoe that no one really gave much thought to after the end of a conversation. I still feel that way. That's why I am always amazed to know how much others have done for me- Like Amber and the Crew... and to see people friend me... especially ones that aren't in "the know" about my situation. I'm always giddy when someone says they were looking for me online. I feel like Sally Field.... not as in Sybil... but as in "You like me, you really like me!!!!"
I'm plotting my comeback already... while I take a breather. My "pay-it-forward" is in it's infant stages right now but I'm working on it.

Yesterday we had Iris' 3rd birthday party though her actually birth DAY is Aug 14. A Yo Gabba Gabba theme. Her cake ROCKED!! My friend Amy made it.

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