Saturday, August 22, 2009

Prognosis: Unknown

I have a date!!!!Okay, okay so it's with a doctor and he's going to be cutting me open. September 18 is "go day" for the IPHP chemo surgery. Doc Arnold will be debulking the little tumors that are plaguing my abdomen still. then he's going to give my insides a gooooooooood scrub down with some super-heated chemotherapy. sounds like fun!!! You KNOW you wanna do it!

Anyway- Round 3 is Monday. I finally got a chance to sit with the Nurse Practitioner and ask some REAL questions.... you know- the ones that you can't ask when family is around because they don't want me thinking the worst. I don't think the worst- but I DO want to know what to be ready for. Officially though- there is no prognosis because this cancer is so rare that there is NO accurate information on survival rates. Since it IS Stage 4- it's not cureable, but we can kick it's ass into remission and that's what I'm hoping for. Every piece of information about my situation online says "very poor" prognosis... but I will be the poster girl for surviving Signet Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma. To hell with the naysayers. If I have to do a thousand surgeries- so be it.

As far as how I am feeling... I won't say I'm great because it simply isn't true. I'm okay. There are a few nasty side effects but it gets better about day 8.We'll know with this surgery if things are looking better or worse or the same and re-evaluate from there. The great thing is- I've got Doctors who are aggressive with treatment and friends and family who will be right there fighting with me.


  1. Your attitude is wonderful, you will beat this!!!