Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back at Work

And actually happy about it. I dig my job. In case u didn't know- I work for a local radio station as a co-host of the morning show. Our call letters are WNUS ( and we aren't streaming yet- but hopefully will be by 2010 sometime.
I am a little slower on the wit since chemo, so I'm hoping the listening audience won't notice too much. I'm just not as sharp as I was- I FEEL dumb. Stupid chemo. ugh.
It's hard to tell just what will happen next week. I'll be rockin' the fannypack Tuesday and Wednesday, and THAT's when I'm at my dumbest. We shall see. Too bad youall can't tune in for the train wreck that could potentially be. Maybe our ratings will spike just because people wanna hear the next stupid thing to come outta my mouth.. LOL.
Though I've still gotta fall back into the routine (it HAS been 6 months after all) it kinda feels like I never left. My office looks exactly like when I left (yikes!) except for the big 'ol bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk.
I'm EXTRA glad no one is treating me different. I would take total issue with that- I hate the head tilt followed by "You Okay?" I know it's out of concern, but believe me- if I wasn't okay- You'd probably know it already.

So- happy day today. The little things keep me going ...


  1. Hey Rachel!
    It's Lori from, and facebook. Glad to see ya on here. Glad your back at work. You have the coolest job. Hope I can catch ya on the radio soon! :0)

  2. thanks!! so good to be back in peoples' ears. :)