Friday, November 20, 2009

Short -n- Sweet.

Feeling okay physically- GREAT mentally. Community Night was very nice- Thanks to Mary T, Jan, Mom, Patty, Micki, Mary G, Eva, Amber, Tammy, Ashton and Abby for the effort and support. I am blessed to have so many people that love me.

Jason (the husband) gets paid today... I think we may take the girls out for Hibachi tomorrow night... I've be hankering for some sushi and I know Iris would LOVE the show they put on! Gonna try not to let the fact that the house is an utter mess bother me. I've decided if the house I REALLY like is taken that I'm gonna put the house-hunting on hold till after the holidays. I know we're not going anywhere before Christmas. I'll take lots of pics though because it will for sure be the last Christmas in that house. A little bittersweet.

Not much to tell on the cancer front. Though sometimes that's a good thing.

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