Monday, November 16, 2009

A good day- So far

It's Monday, so it's not GREAT, but I got to talk to one of my favorite people on the phone and that ALWAYS brightens my day... no matter how crappy it is.

It's a "down" week, which means no chemo and the side effects have tapered off to "tolerable." I think this cold sensitivity will be the bane of my existence though. The hot water heater is broken here at work, so I've tried to wash my hands in cold water but it's SO cold. So I use the hell outta hand sanitizer. My hands are getting wrecked. Still itchy- but it's only slightly annoying. Still nauseous- but somehow I push through and ALWAYS manage to eat... I ALWAYS manage to eat when I want. LOL. I don't care how nauseous I am, you put pizza in front of me and I will find a way to scarf it down.

My aunt is having a "Community Night" benefit for me this Thursday at our local Wendy's. Bascially a group of people clean tables and work for tips to raise money for a specific charity (which is me this time... I don't know that I'll ever be comfortable with being a charity case) plus they get a portion of the sales for that night. It's nice of the owner to do that- he's actually a cool guy. Even nicer- the people GOING to the thing to do the work. I'm still not sure about what my role is. Do I go and hang out... is that coming across as self-serving? Or do I stay at home on my duff while others do work for me? I'm not at all cool with the latter. It's a fine line. Maybe I'll go incognito... no one will notice the short fella in the corner with Groucho Marx glasses and a a Double D chest... (no matter HOW I try- I can't hide those).

I digress.... It's a good day and I wanted to post it because lately the good days go by so fast, I rarely get to comment on them as they happen. They DO happen folks. And There will be P.L.E.N.T.Y. more when all this shit is said and done. Looking forward to May 2010- Have a feeling thats when things really start looking up. I should be healed from surgery, chemo will just be a bad memory and among other things, Relay For Life will be like a new beginning.

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  1. (p.s....i feel ya on those stupid side effects...having oxaliplatin during winter in chicago is perhaps the crappiest way to spend a crappy season. Thank goodness for those 'downtimes'!!)