Friday, December 4, 2009


Just bloggin for a minute... to bitch. My mouth CONSTANTLY tastes like chemo. How gross.

Done Bitching.

Actually other than that, it's a good day. Busy at work, but that's fine by me. Thinking about Iris' Christmas program tonight. Her first with "school." She's growing up... waaah. I'm making Italian Snowballs (which are Mexican wedding cookies with almond extract added) hoping they turn out right. I'm a horrible baker. Gonna make a bunch so I can send the extra to my buddy in Iraq for Christmas.

Then I've gotta round up a bunch of last minute stuff for Vera's birthday party on Sunday. Baking cupcakes... and I don't even have a present for her yet. SuperMom- That's me. Hardly.

At least she won't hold it against me until she's a teenager and only then if I actually TELL her about it.

Cheers to a busy, but fun, weekend.


  1. That was far too short of a bitch ... I used to hate it when I used to smell like chemo.

  2. Do you have any other buddies in Iraq that could use some homemade stuff? I would love to send some!

  3. Brandi- He's got a lot of buddies where he works. Would you like his mailing address? I can e-mail it to you.

  4. Daria... I figured a short bitch was called for since it seemed a lot of my previous posts were nothing BUT bitching.
    I'm sure I will resume it again soon. :)

  5. Hi Rachel,

    I'm just checking back little guy has been sick, not much time for computers when he's sick.

    Well, it obviously would not get there for Christmas but I would love to send care packages every once in a while.

    My uncle was an officer in Desert Storm and was due to be deployed to Iraq before he lost his life to cancer. He died of melanoma. It wasn't caught until it had spread completely throughout his body. He was an admirable man.

    In addition, my dear young friend just lost her husband, Marine 1st Lt. Michael Johnson in September in Afghanistan. He was in the 1st group of 4 that were killed in September, being the most casualties on American troops in a day at that time. He was trying to rescue a fellow troop that had been shot when a sniper took his life.

    I have so much respect for your service as well as your friends. I would love to send care packages to some well deserving troops that could use some encouragement! So yes, send me an address!

    Keep can do this.