Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Feeling my Oats

That sounds dirty, but I mean I've got a bit of energy today. I think it's the Claritin I took for the nasty cold I'm getting. I know- Claritin is for allergies, but it does wonders for me when I have a cold.
Heading to Columbus with my sister today for her Oncologist appointment. I guess she's having the total hysterectomy... her choice. Because the Onc said that for all intents and purposes- she's clear because the surgery got the tumor. But since she's got Lynch Syndrome too- her chances of uterine cancer are 40-60% and she doesn't want to risk it.
I count my blessings that I've got my girls. I feel bad that she will not have babies of her own. She will make a great adoptive mother though. She doesn't want to hear that (I don't think she even reads this blog) but I know she will.
I wouldn't trade my girls for "no cancer." I can't even imagine.
Even though this morning has been trying with the two of them this morning, I try to freeze frame every moment.
I would like a day off, however. Not from the girls- but from the mere KNOWLEDGE that I have cancer. Yeah, that'll happen.
Until they can perscribe me a pill for that, I'll just find creative ways to escape.... like watching "RuPauls Drag Race." :P

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  1. So sorry your sister has also been touched by cancer. I know you are a great source of comfort for each other. Hugs.