Monday, April 26, 2010

So sue me.

I slept the day away..... again. But I VOW to be running around alike a headless chicken tomorrow. Lots to do this week. it goes a little something like this.
1. Call insurance company and ask where the hell my disability check is.
2. Call Columbus Oncologist about gracing him with my presence and the honor of treating this beauty.
3. Solicit more sponsor money for Relay for Life shirts to be made quickly.
4. Find a t-shirt printer to do it on the cheap.
5. get to my dad's house to sort through all the "other" stuff that we have in storage so I can get rid of most of it for a yard sale we're having here on Friday. (A Relay for Life fundraiser or I would say no go.
6. Turn in application forms for the girls to be "Little Miss Relay" contestants. A-hem... no makeup thank you very much.
7. Oh yeah- watch Lost and V tomorrow night.... yeah- so the list isn't chronological.
8. Schedule and get Vera to a 'Well Baby' checkup.
9. Get the 2 lawns cut.
10. Tons of laundry and rearranging furniture.

I'm sure there is more in there but I don't have my 'to do' list right in front of me.

All this planning for the Relay and other 'lifely' (not lively) things makes me think.
I see on TV where people given a crappy diagnosis go out and "Live life to the fullest." How on earth do you do that when you've got day to day responsibilities that are hard enough to take care of?

I will say that my sister and I are kinda planning something for Memorial Day weekend. We don't know what yet, but SOMETHING. Mommy guilt says I should spend that time with my girls. But I do have to do something for myself besides getting an eyebrow wax. (Add that to my list because these things are getting outta control)

We were thinking Tennessee, Chicago, New Orleans, New York or just good 'ol West Virginia whitewater rafting. Though it may be a little cold for me.

Any ideas? Gotta be affordable and all. But fun. You know- taking life by the whatevers.


  1. Asheville, NC. It rocks and I can show you around - or point you in the right direction. There is lots of camping around here. 7 hr drive from Belpre.

    Cheers, Carrie

  2. Vera fell down a well? (Sorry, whenever I hear "well baby checkup" I think of "well" as a noun, you know, like that "well baby.")

    Sheboygan Dan, wasting electrons again