Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm back

Let me start by saying everything is fine- no complications since I got home, I just don't have internet access at the new house and I haven't been able to drive (drugs) and I really have just wanted to sleep.
I can't update from my phone (which is on the fritz).
So since I got home, I've felt a little better every day. Not great. But a little better. Still down about the crap results at the surgery. I can't say I'm excited at all about the idea of more chemo. Pisses me off.
So when I got home- my dog Whirlie Girl was still limping around due to her broken leg. I had my cousin who used to be a vet tech come a re-wrap her leg. Over the week after that evidently she got an infection. I couldn't tell what was wrong, plus there was so much to catch up on. By Saturday the smell in the basement was unbareable... I didn't realize a wound could SMELL like that. Because where she broke her leg was fine, it was below it where the infection set in. We took her to the E-Vet and the doc said she was probably too old for surgery and wouldn't do well as a tripod missing a front leg. Plus, the infection had probably already spread and she probably had something more going on for the infection to go that fast. We decided to put her down... you could tell she was in a LOT of pain. It sucked... she was a good dog, my first baby.

RIP Whirlie Girl- You were a good dog.

So I wait a little longer for my luck to turn around. I can still count the blessings I DO have... 2 beautiful, healthy girls to keep me going.


  1. awww I am sorry.... feel better..

  2. Dog heaven = squirrel hell. Watch out, squirrels.

    Good to see you posting again. I'm glad you remember to count the things you are grateful for, like you do at the end of your post!!!

    Sheboygan Dan

  3. I've been following your blog because I love you on WNUS! You remind me of my 22 yo daughter. She has a very rare neurological disorder and life is NOT fair! I understand that getting up every day is part of the fight you're in. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Your family and community wants to help you win this fight!

  4. So sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved pet. Hugs.