Thursday, March 25, 2010

Still Sore

Talked to the doc again today. Looks like I'll be heading home tomorrow if nothing sets me back. My insides got with the program tonight- had some Wendy's fries and watched Project Runway. It's been a good night.
I miss my girls terribly. I got some coloring book pages in the mail that Iris had done for me. Made me smile.
The doc says the chemo worked a bit but there is "still plenty of tumor in there that needs to go." So while the surgery went well- there is concern that the chemo isn't working fast enough to beat the cancer. It's working, but not fast enough. Doc said we may do another IPHP surgery in 6 months. whee.
I'm going to meet with the Oncologist here in Columbus about clinical trials, chemo and whatever else can be done. I had hoped to be finished with this crap for just a bit, but no joy. I guess I'll have to prove my endurance now. I'm gonna try to adopt a healthier diet and exercise when I recover- even if I'll just get knocked on my ass again soon. I gotta buckle down and commit and stick to it. Dammit.

But for now I say happy day that I will soon be home with my girlies.

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  1. Take it one day at a time, Rachel... and keep fighting! ~Whidbey Woman