Friday, March 19, 2010

Ramblin' on

Hmm. Where to start?
Well- first things first: We slept in the new house for the first time last night. I was exhausted but didn't sleep well at all. Racing mind and aching body. Bad combo for sleeping.
Once we actually got the girls to bed, they slept well. Iris LOVES the new house but said she missed the old one. Vera keeps wandering up and down the hall... looking around. I think she digs it too.
Gotta pack for the hospital stay. I leave Sunday to spend the night in Columbus so I can be there fresh and ready for Monday morning.
So I unpack for the new house to pack again for a hospital stay. I'll have to remember my bath and body works cucumber melon shower gel and lotion. The nurses on my recovery floor told me that they liked coming into my room because it smelled good. So maybe I got better service for it. :)
I loathe packing for hospital stays. I want to change every day- MY OWN clothes. I HATE hospital gowns. I also hate the idea of not being able to wash my damn hair for days. Packing 'do-rags.
Admittedly, I'm not looking forward to the next week. Second HIPEC (or IPHP) surgery and hysterectomy. I would just rather be in a drugged up haze so I don't remember it. I will miss the girls TERRIBLY. I don't know that anyone will bring them up to see me.
As far as work... well... someone is sitting in for me while I'm gone. I probably won't even have a job when all is said and done.
It's funny. I got diagnosed with cancer, had 2 surgeries and someone held a benefit for me... (Mind you- I've been at my job for almost 9 years now) No one called to see how I was doing and nevermind sending flowers at any time. And I saw ONE co worker at the benefit.
It is kinda sad. I got cards and well wishes from total strangers- but hardly a peep from the people I see 5 days a week. I must've worn out my welcome.
No matter. I found out who my friends are.


So my sister and mom are going up to the hospital with me. I had my husband take yesterday and today off to move rather than Monday and Tuesday to be at the hospital with me. I'd rather him be home with the girls for some consistency at the new house. The first 2 days of surgery and recovery are a blur anyway.
i'm thinking I can talk my little brother into letting me have his laptop for the week so I can catch up on Project Runway and Lost and watch some movies and blog a bit. Some communication with the outside world does me good in the middle of the night between doses. :)

Stay tuned.


  1. Good luck on Monday.... will be thinking of you... as for your coworks... some just don't know how to deal...



  2. Hi Rachel.

    I'm a friend of Sheboygan Dan's. I started to read your blog because I came to really appreciate and anticipate your great comments to him on his blog during his recovery. I have been so inspired by how kick-ass you are. I hope your surgery and recovery go extremely well!


  3. Hope everything goes really well on Monday, Rachel. I'll be thinking of you. Cheers, Carrie