Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The 'Word'

What's the Word?

My grandpa used to ask me that. Now no one does. At least they don't word it as such. I like asking that though, most people don't know how to reply.

As of right now- I've got the people in Marietta on my side for the total hysterectomy (yay?) so they're talking to my surgeon to see if it can happen with the IPHP. But the issue is: If I get that done- I will no longer make estrogen. Which may mean growing a moustache and my voice deepening... in addition to the hot flashes, osteoperosis and so on.
I COULD go on estrogen pills- but since there is a history of breast cancer in my family, they don't want to do that. I insist that I'd rather do the estrogen and get mammograms every year than NOT have estrogen.
My Grandmother is Italian... I already have to worry about a little darkness on my upper lip- I don't want to be rockin' a fu-manchu (or however you spell it) at any point in life.

Oh well.

On another note... we're closing on the house on Friday. Lots of work to do- lots of money to be spent in the next month. eeesh.

It will be worth it. I just think of all the room and openness of the new house. I'm feeling cramped in the old house. PLUS- instead of the whole house waking to Vera's little cries- the girls will be in seperate rooms! Ahhhh. A good night's sleep for SOMEBODY!

Surgery is still on for March 22nd. Bring it!

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