Friday, March 5, 2010

Waiting some more.

Well, we have to wait until Tuesday to close on the house. Evidently Fannie Mae (who wanted us to close by March 5th) isn't ready yet. Figures. Though I don't know what the problem could be- they're not doing anything other than collecting my money.
I wanted to get started on the cleaning and painting this weekend because time is ticking away before my surgery- I won't be too useful for a while after that.
We did take the 'final walkthru' yesterday. My mom and sister came with. They hadn't seen the inside. I got their thumbs up on the place.

I met a doctor on Weds that is super nice. He wants to do my hysterectomy when I get my chemo surgery (shake and bake). Dr Arnold said he could do it, but seemed hesitant. Dr O'Malley is a gyn oncologist- and said that since I have Lynch Syndrome and since I'm good with the idea and actually pushing for it, he'd do it for me. He actually offered to do it. I didn't ask.
Supposedly Lynch Syndrome is an area of study at OSUMC. Very cool- now find a cure for my cancer. :)

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