Monday, February 22, 2010


Well, maybe not AMAZING, but I got it anyway! I'd been itching for another tattoo to celebrate the end of chemo. I've got one on file (for when I've got the $$) that's of an iris and a Christmas star. For Iris and Vera (Vera means 'light' and she's my December baby). I also have plans on a 'bracelet' tat with the girls' names.

I'm sure there are some reading this who don't like tats but I DO and I feel like there's so much being done to my body that I don't really have a choice about- so I though I'd get something done that I actually LIKE.

So here is a picture of the tat. Freshly done. (and with salve on it.. aaaah.)


  1. Does that stand for "Thug Life"? :)

  2. It's pretty cool Rach, i've been wanting to get one for about ten years now and keep putting it off. Glad to hear you are done with chemo and your are feeling alittle better. If two you need anything just call me, big nuts has my number.

  3. Nice tat!

    I promised myself I would get a tat when I finished my treatment, but I never did. I had a design picked out for a phoenix, but it looked too much like a Nazi bird, so I backed off. Inspiration hasn't hit since and I missed my opportunity, I think. :-)

    I blogged about my tat on my blog too:

    Great blog. You are a true survivor.