Friday, February 19, 2010

Thank you Sir, May I have another?

Got my pap (sorry fellas) results yesterday. Squamous cells, abnormal results. Good times. I'm just going to start collecting different colored ribbons.
Though in a way, I'm glad it was abnormal because now I believe Dr. Arnold will be removing my baby factory equipment. After that point, I won't have to plan on getting the ribbons for endometrial, ovarian and uterine cancers. Whee!
Though it seems that every time I go to a different doc- I've got some neat suprise. I have a mammogram next week. Can't wait to see what will come of that. And I'll have to have them every year or so. SQUISH!

I also thought I'd get a Colon Cancer star ribbon tattoo...

I just MIGHT do that today. I thought the back of my neck would be alright, then I can get a different colored star for each different cancer I get underneath that. I would just have a string of stars down my spine by the time I'm 40.

I'm in a funky mood today. Right now is just limbo. Waiting on my mammogram appointment, waiting on Dr. Arnold's decision, Waiting on the nurse's line at my OBGYN's office to call me back, waiting on surgery, waiting on the underwriter to approve my home loan so I can actually get the house, waiting on my sister to go totally ape crap on my mom and aunt because of things they said, trying to plan a fundraiser for Relay for Life and waiting on other's decisions about location, waiting on Saturday so I can go get totally polluted with one of my best friends to forget about all the shit I'm waiting on.

Waiting sucks... but not as much as EFFIN' Cancer.


  1. i'm so sorry to hear that. ugh! damned cancer things. make sure you don't get ovarian cancer. it's a teal ribbon. don't know about you, but i'm not fond of teal (but it had to be my ribbon. meh).

    anyway...take care. waiting sucks. but i'm rootin' for ya! love the tattoo idea BTW.


  2. Sorry, too much girl stuff in there for me to comment!! Other than the waiting stuff, which I can say sucks. But don't waste your quiet moments, you'll want them back someday, after the wait is over...