Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm not calling it done just yet.

So Round 12 of 12 today. Though I've got the fannypack and a tube going into my chest I'm not officially done with chemo until this thing comes off around noon-ish on Wednesday. I FEEL okay right now. A bit of nasty fatigue, nausea and numb fingers are the worst of it at the moment. But I am prepping myself for the peak that usually happens around Wednesday/Thursday.
THEN I SO look forward to this month-and especially March 5th since The husband and I are closing on a house then! Most likely the week after, I will be undergoing the second of 2 IPHP chemo surgeries. Score for me- I won't be able to lift boxes or heavy furniture... so I guess I will just have to supervise. hee hee. I'm so stoked to get moved and get the girls in a proper house. it will definitely be a stretch to make 2 house payments until we sell the old one- but we'll tighten the belt and do it. There's always a way. It will also be nice to know the girls will be comfortable- in REAL rooms with REAL doors... and the dogs will probably be very happy to have a refuge from the girls when they get too crazy. :) When we get moved- I will post pictures... We may not be going to Disney World but we can make our own fun no problem where we'll be. So many possibilities!! The stress from making 2 house payments will be worth the weight of "I have to get the girls a better place to live." lifted off my shoulders.

Happy Today.


  1. Yay! Rachel. It seems things are becoming more and more positive for you all. I am excited for you all to move to your new house. It is always an exciting time...well, exhausting too...but like you can supervise.LOL.

  2. Excellent!!! There are so many positives on your horizon--you and your family deserve nothing but the best in 2010!!!

  3. Congrats on round 12 of 12 and congrats on the house! So exciting!!

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