Monday, January 25, 2010


Well, it's the last week before my last treatment. And a whole new angst has set in. In the midst of IV chemo treatments, it's easy to just think of (and dread) the upcoming # of rounds. Now, I wonder if all this has been effective or is a CT scan just gonna show that it did nothing. Hoping that scans are clear and that since my skin, teeth, gums, sanity, nerves, tastebuds, digestive system, mothering skills, wife skills, temper and emotions all suffered over the last 7 months- that those stupid cancer cells suffered more. DIE! DIE! DIE! Cancer Cells!!!!!!!!
I am not looking forward to the IPHP surgery but it's gotta be done, and I'll be on the other side of it soon enough. It's usually just a cloud when I'm in hospital. I'll be happy to have a room to myself if I can get one (gonna see what I can swing- since the nursing staff seemed to like me alright) and I'm hoping to have a laptop so I won't be TOTALLY bored in the middle of the night and I can blog away. Should be interesting- drugged up thoughts.

In the meantime, as a Public Service, I thought I'd mention a little tip for others with chemo side effects. I've found that drinking out of glass or plastic is MUCH better than any kind of metal. I had bought a metal water bottle with the intentions of drinking lotsa water... to me, it's simply foul out of that. And what sucks even more is that I don't know that I'll even use the bottle again even after side effects fade- it's more mental now. Guess I'll give it away or something.
Just recently- my gums have been sore/sensitive... and I know it's from the chemo, I just thought I'd escape THAT particular side effect. No such luck. It HURTS to brush my teeth, so I got an extra soft toothbrush. And to add to that- minty toothpaste kinda burns with the cold sensitivity- so I got smart and just started using my 3 year old's Dora Bubblegum flavored toothpaste. Voila! Better! Just a couple of 'solutions' if you will, for my problems. Maybe they'll work for you. Hopefully you don't even have to deal with stuff like that.


  1. Hi Rachel, My husband had mouth sores. What worked for him was sponge sticks (ask your oncology nurse for them) and biotene mouth wash and toothpaste products(over the counter at your pharmacy.

  2. When you're cancer-free, you should burn all your chemo gear and store the ashes in the metal water bottle like an urn.

  3. I like Meg's suggestion ... ;)