Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Round 11.

No problems yeserday. Feeling tired and nauseous and the cold sensitivity is back- full blast. Oh well- one to go. One to go.
Feeling okay mentally. I hope it holds this time. I hate being weepy. blah.
Jason actually went with me yesterday. It was the first time he'd even seent he inside of the Strecker Center. I'm sure he was bored- there's not much to do but watch your loved one get pumped full of drugs. He brought plenty of books.
After all this is said and done, I get another CT scan (and will get one every 3 months for 2 yrs then every 6 months after that for the rest of my life.) and surgery and surgery and surgery. Could be worse I guess. I could just simply NOT be here to get the surgeries right?
Silver lining... siiiiilver lining.

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