Friday, January 8, 2010

A better day....

So, I gave up the funk. What a difference a day makes.

I still feel like hammered dog poo, but the attitude is shifting. Like it always does on day five after chemo. If you notice my whiny posts are almost always between day 2-4 after a treatment. So effed up that drugs can do that. When I was in high school- the word "drugs" kinda meant something fun. Not now. I could be TOTALLY happy if I never had to even take a friggin' tylenol again. I punched out one of my pills today and literally heaved at the idea of taking it. Of course, I wretch at almost anything these days. My mouth tastes SO much like chemo- I think I could chew it. Yum! And not to mention that my breath probably smells like a chemistry lab.
There's simply NOT enough Orbit gum in the world.
Though I can see the next "Dirty Mouth?" commercial featuring - ME! Picture it: Sitting in the chemo chair, getting pumped full of all kinds of chemicals, then munching (you know, I'm throwing up in my mouth a little just typing this) on the "lunch" they bring you... nastyness... then smiling with a green cloud oozing from the corner of my mouth.
Then the perky little lady shows up. Ching! I make a Mint off the royalties. Right.


  1. Hi Rachel, I don't know you but I see you commented on my brother Dan's blog. He just underwent the moas at MD Anderson in Texas. Cancer has changed our lives. I read your posts about your situation and wish you all the best. The experience has changed my life and coming across people like you restores my faith on humanity in the big picture. I wish you the best, Tim

  2. Thanks Tim. I'm keeping up with your updates on Dan. So cool of you all to do that for him.