Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Round 10 of 12

Yesterday went well! Only 2 more rounds to go... hopefully forever, but I won't hold my breath. instead of a 45 minute infusion (I think that's how long it normally was) the oxcilliaplatin infusion was more like 3 hours to avoid another allergic incident. I got a little red on the cheeks and chin and got an anxious feeling, like couldn't stop moving my legs- weird. I got a little "grey" too but it all passed. Rockin' the Fannypack today though. barf.

I was SO happy to have company- Amber came with me for treatment- I thought I'd bring someone along to bear witness in case I went into anaphalyctic shock again. You can't yell when your throat is closed off. LOL. cough,cough.

It was nice to have someone to talk to the whole time. I have text/phone chemo buddies, but face-to face time is great!

Today, I'm feeling the effects of the Oxcilla; Twitchy and feeling stupid. Crossing my fingers that I don't say something stupid on the air.... though that could increase the listening audience. hmmm. Rating, ratings. The cold sensitivity is back with a vengance- suck. I hate wearing gloves inside.
I also didn't feel like messing with washing my hair and getting the bandage on my chest wet so I am wearing a knit cap- one that was made by a volunteer and donated to the Strecker Center's Christmas tree of knit cap presents. Normally- I wouldn't take one, but there were so many and it was 3 days to Christmas. The lime green one jumped out at me. See my lazyness? Oh- and notice how watery and red my eyes are? No, that's not "Dreamy-eyed" That's allergies.... allergies I NEVER had before. ugh. 2 more rounds, 2 more rounds.
After the chemo is over, I will be scheduling my second IPHP / HIPEC /Shake and Bake surgery... whatever it's called depending on who you talk to. With THAT we will know if the last 6 months of chemo actually did any good. I hope, I hope. At least that's what my necklace says.
More later folks! Take it easy!

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