Friday, January 15, 2010


You know, my medical situation is so 'effed up that even labs can't figure it out. There's signs that I have Lynch Syndrome which predisposes you to all kinds of fabulous cancers. (it only leaves out a couple) But the lab where they sent my blood sample couldn't get ANYTHING from my tests. INCONCLUSIVE. The dude from the lab called the Strecker (where I get my chemo and such) almost in tears because he's "Never seen anything like this before." (I've mentioned this in a WAY earlier post) Dr. Arnold said it may not be heriditary because there were no polyps anywhere else in my colon (TMI?) and if it IS heriditary- he's gonna just remove my entire colon. Guess that's probably just around the corner. Along with a total hysterectomy. not like I'm gonna use THOSE parts again.

Then there's the matter of what type of cancer this actually IS. I was told colon cancer in the beginning, then appendiceal cancer, then they're just calling it mucinious adenocarcinoma of the colon. All are on my paperwork at different points- because they can't figure me out.
I never really did ANY research on Lynch Syndrome when they said something about a DNA mutation. It never occured to me to do so. But as of lately, I've been researching a bit. And it's not good. It makes me cry to think I've probably passed this onto my girls and it pisses me off to think I'm gonna be battling this shit until one of us wins. What a mess.


  1. please link up to my blog:

    there is usually quite a bit of information on Lynch Syndrome there, as I also went through the same genetic process of 'inconclusive' results until the mutation was recently found.

    I am also an ovarian cancer survivour.
    You can do this, there are many in similar situations.
    Take care.

  2. Hang in there - keep up the fight.

  3. Never give up........never stop fighting this disease...ever!