Sunday, April 18, 2010

Making my comeback.

On Blogspot, that is. I finally have internet in my new house and am connected again. So much to say when I think about it but when I log on to "talk"............. nothing.
Our Wheelchair Basketball Game was a bust. We made money- but just barely. Thanks to 2 $100 donations from kick-ass individuals. Otherwise it would not have been good. The game itself was VERY entertaining and I thank the Wheelers for playing.... as well as the guys on our team. They lost, but played great.
It was disappointing that so few showed up for it. It was on TV, Radio, in the paper, on flyers around town. I kinda knew a majority of the people who said "Yeah, I'll try to be there" wouldn't be. My sister and I were comparing it to when we'd go whitewater rafting: SOOOO many people act pumped about it and say "Sure- that sounds awesome, let me know when you go!" And we give them ample time to plan. If everyone who said that ACTUALLY went, we'd fill buses to go. But it was always just Micki and me. That's okay for stuff like that- but I dunno that I will brave another 'depend on people to show up to make a profit' event again. I may stick to raffles and begging. It was too stressful for too little a payoff. At least if I DID do it again- I know not to expect too much.
"He who expects little won't be disappointed." Isn't that a famous quote? If not- it should be.
I'm still a little bummed about my prognosis. Got my staples out on Tuesday and talked to the surgeon. I like him alright- but it's kinda grating on my nerves that he doesn't give REAL answers. I know with my situation there aren't a lot of YES and NO answers about the future, but sheesh, throw me a bone. My Dad went with me to the appointment and asked "Is she progressing?"
And the response was "Well, there was a lot more cancer in there than I would like to have seen."
Uh, NOT promising. And that's definitely not a "YES" in any way, shape or form.


Though I hope to get in on a clinical study that will make me lose my hair instead of gain weight dammit. I will be totally honest: I wanted to lose my hair. There, I said it. But I didn't want to be chubby AND bald so I guess that was a blessing in disguise. Maybe this time..... and I'll get a Tat on my noggin. Mom and Dad will love it.

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