Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wow! Now I'm REALLY connected

I treated myself to a notebook computer this week and got it yesterday!!! It seems I've been spotted with purple throughout my life- it always 'just so happens' that I get stuck with purple things. My Lotus phone is purple... the only color they had when I renewed my contract. This notebook is purple and it was between this color and yellow I think. (eesh) A few years ago when I got married- I was NOT particular about the colors, it was just that the dress shop had a few bouquets that were silver and purple that went with my dress. "Okay" I said. I'm not picky.
My Fave color is green- but since Relay for Life stuff is purple, no biggie getting that color in stuff. I just don't wanna over-do it.

I know I will be blogging more now- I don't have to seclude myself to the basement to get online and when I go for whatever treatments are in store for me, I can come here and yakkity, yakkity. Lucky you. har har.

I got a little more energy this week and pulled off a decent Garage Sale. All $$ went to the Relay for Life. We made about $340. So it wasn't a bunch, we had a lot of stuff underpriced. Then you get the people that want to haggle over a doll being marked $.50 and they only want to pay $.25..... ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!? Did you NOT see that this Garage Sale is for CHARITY? So sad really.

I can't even haggle in Mexico, where it seems to be an art form. Oh well.

The highlights of today... Iris set up her first Lemonade Stand. LOVE IT!! She made $8.50 and I told her I'd match that for her piggy bank. She's too cute.

Still getting ready for the Relay- gotta get shirts printed and stuff. But we've got sponsors now- YAY!!! This week I crack down! Stay tuned!

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  1. Adorable picture.... What's going on in her head as she manages her lemonade stand? I wish I could re-capture those emotions for myself... Kids.