Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back to work Monday

I can't say I got a lot done this last week- but relatively speaking, I got more done than the weeks before. Relay team's t-shirts were the bulk of the work. But those are in the works. Yay!!

On the cancer front: I will be seeing Dr Rose in Columbus instead of Dr Saab because they say that he would be more appropriate to treat me. Okay, as long as I get a kick-ass Doc that will listen and do some serious work on not only keeping me alive, but beating the shit outta cancer.
I've done some brain storming... and I am NO doctor. Hell, I've only got an associates degree... from a community college... and it took me 4 years to get that. But (and stick with me) I had blood tests to look at markers for colon cancer and ovarian cancer before my tumor was removed almost one year ago. Those tests went something like this: On the test for colon cancer markers, the average reading would be 1-5. My nu.mber was 3. Totally within range and would not suggest that I had colon cancer even when there was a softball sized tumor hanging out in my guts. But for the ovarian cancer markers, the average reading would be 1-I think 32. My number was 82. But as of even now- I'm told my ovaries are normal.
Signet Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma can be produced by the appendix, colon or ovaries (maybe more organs, but sticking to the topic). I did 6 months of FOLFOX chemo one of 2 for colon cancer, but there was still no real consensus that this IS colon cancer- still suggestions of appendix cancer.. whatever. So the chemo for colon cancer did not work. But would chemo for OVARIAN cancer work? Because, to me, we should be treating the kind of cancer- not necessarily WHERE it came from. There should be a chemo for "signet ring cell adenocarcinoma" or whatever the strain is. It just kinda makes sense to me. But since I don't know of a specific chemo cocktail for signet ring cell adeno- I'd think trying ANYTHING related to it would be better than nothing.
It's just a thought, but I can't help but think it makes a ton of sense.

This week a few things hit me in the face- Tomorrow is the first Mother's Day since my diagnosis because LAST Mother's Day I was in limbo, between- "I don't feel so good?" and "Oh, I have cancer." I spent the day nauseous- unable to eat anything, watching my friend finish a 5k that I asked her to run with me, but I couldn't because I felt like crap.
I go back to work on Monday. I'm hoping it goes smoothly and that work will 'feel' better than it did last go 'round.
Then Relay for Life on Friday. Ironically enough... One year ago to that day, I was officially diagnosed with cancer. Staging came later. I was originally told I was "Probably Stage 2 or 3." hmmm. If only.

Well, onward and upward. Can't wait to see what Dr Rose has in store for me. Seriously. As MUCH as I LOATHE chemo and surgeries and hospital stays and needle sticks... I hate cancer more.

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