Sunday, May 2, 2010


During the Garage Sale I got to meet a few of my neighbors... one has a son-in-law who has, wait for it...... Appendix Cancer. Hmmm. I guess he was and is stage 4 but in remission. has been for 7 years I think. He attributes it to an herbal tea (4 herb tea @ herbal and he monitors his pH levels every day still- taking drops to regulate his system to not be acidic or something like that. (pH strips and drops @ am willing to do both of those every day if it saves my life. I'd heard of teas and such- but I hadn't heard anything about pH levels... but evidently an acidic system is bad and taking some drops balances it. Whatever- as long as it keeps me around longer.
Of course I haven't gotten around to it yet and will be asking my new Oncologist about doing so before hand.

On THAT topic- I still haven't gotten an appointment with the new guy yet. Dr. Saab. He's got to have paperwork from Dr. Arnold (my surgeon) and Dr. Cawley (my local Oncologist- I'm not leaving her.. just in addition to) and still doesn't have all that he needs or they'd be calling me to schedule. I am not anxious about starting clinical trials but it's got to be done. So be it. Gotta lay the smack down tomorrow so I can get this stuff rolling. Been dragging my feet on doing it but I go back to work next Monday and I want to get my ducks in a row.

Still haven't received my disability pay... a little pissed about that. They won't return my calls. grrr. Got to get bitchy I guess.

AND I have to get the last minute stuff taken care of for Relay for Life. I like being in charge, but I don't like it at the same time. This year's theme is kinda hard to work with and I've got a lot of irons in the fire. It will be overwith soon enough.

After that- a Geneticist appointment with my Mom and sister. Then my sister's surgery.

But for tomorrow... lots of phone calls and laundry. Getting the house in order before going back to work.
Folding underwear= living life to the fullest.

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