Thursday, May 13, 2010


May 14th, 2010. Well, tomorrow I will officially have known about my cancer for one year. I dunno whether to rejoice at being here another year or be sad that it's 'one down, only a few to go.' Of course I'm supposed to be happy that we're at least treating it and we know it's there- and I am. But there's that voice that says, "You've got less than 4 years to go... better get to that bucket list."


And of course tomorrow is the Relay for Life. I think it will be quite a roller coaster of emotions. blah! I hate crying.
Well, plan to see pics from the whole thing. And I'll probably be in a few. from my profile pic, I look maybe even average build... hate to shatter any ideas you had, but I'm chubby. I WAS on my way to slimming down after pregnancy a year ago- but- well, you know. I gained 30lbs on chemo and haven't dropped it yet. Only 5lbs down. You've been warned.
We're doing a 'Slumber Party' for the theme- should be interesting and lots of fun. I'll try to update from the event- but it may be hard to do with all the hub-bub.

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  1. Glass is half full, Rachel, half full!!

    Here's to more anniversaries.