Monday, December 13, 2010

Texas and Rachel Vs. Cancer Part 2.5. "Yes we Can, Sir"

Met with my next surgeon, Dr. Kuhn, today. He's the next in the long line of surgeons who want to do some cuttin' on me.
No hysterectomy- but a laprascopic "procurement" of cancer junk in my abdomen. I suess there's "plenty" to get. :( and :) at the same time.
I really like this guy- he was initially concerned that we had waited too long for him. Nice guy already. He did an ultrasound on my abdomen to look for more crud- or just make sure it was still there...... yep, still there. Damn.

I have a good feeling about him- but he's just getting the stuff- it's up to my cells to do the work.
BONUS though. Dr. Kuhn is taking out my port AND....... giving me a new bellybutton. LOL. I told him that my 4 year old cried about me not having one (and she did) so I just asked if he could swing a new one. So funny. what a Christmas present.
I go in tomorrow at 8am. Surgery at 11:30 and spend the night in hospital then discharge on Wednesday, a couple of days in Dallas- check back with the Doc on Friday, home Saturday.
Yee-Haw as those Texans say.
I'm in a very good mood. It's been a good day- and to round it off, I got to see my girls on Skype. I miss them terribly.

Wanna know how I feel?

Complete with hoards of people behind me, making me feel like I can do anything.


  1. Rachel, you sound great. What an inspiration you are, with all you are dealing with you still manage to see the positive and with a sense of happy for you, Good Luck. Keeping you in my heart and prayers.....:-)Hugs

  2. Yo, Rachel. (that's my Rocky imitation) Best wishes to you! Love your two recent posts, it's interesting to follow along as you go.

    Take each step by itself, make each decision on its own merits, okay? And keep moving!

    Sheboygan Dan