Monday, December 13, 2010

Texas Part Two- The Flight

Texas, Part Two
I’m sitting in a plane, bored outta my head and wondering why people don’t talk to each other more. Is it because no one cares anymore? Am I weird? Is everyone else stuck up? Am I stuck up because I’m not talking to anyone?
I think I annoyed the hell out of my Dad on the last flight because I was talking too much- but we were on the plane for almost 2 hours before we even took off! We missed our original flight because there was a ton of snow in Columbus and we ended up getting de-iced twice while waiting on the weather to break long enough to get out of there.
We ran to the next gate hoping to beat the other people from our late flight to the new, now boarding flight to Dallas. We landed at 2:10 and booked it to another terminal- they were getting ready to board for a 2:45 flight. So I got my exercise for the year. And I think I got shin splints in the process. So here I am, Aisle seat. Hungry. And the people across the aisle to my left are eating yummy looking salads with Italian dressing... I know it’s Italian because I can smell it. Ohhhh, how I miss salads. Can’t eat them anymore though. They wreck me- for DAYS. I’ll just leave it at that. I’d like to just lick a lettuce leaf with Italian dressing on it though.
To my right- a 20-something bodybuilder. He’s cute but probably thinks I’m just old and gross. He’s sleeping.. that’s why I can write about him.
And all the way to my right- a dude who is evidently not comfortable with flying because he “Held On” for the take off and the first 15 minutes of the flight.
All is calm now. It’s so quiet- and there’s even a baby in the row behind me. She must be sleeping. Wish I was but I’m too afraid to do something stupid in my sleep and embarrass myself. No thianks.
I was looking over the paperwork for the Vaccine Trial. Basically it says that it probably won’t work but we’re pioneering a trail for future cancer patients. Hey- I’m cool with that, but I want to live too. I don’t think that’s greedy. Of course I want others to benefit from this research- but I’d like to in the process. A friend of mine who evidently doesn’t read this blog because he didn’t have a clue what I was doing in Dallas wants me to go skydiving with him on one of my trips to Texas. I told him I didn’t think it would happen. He said the Rachel he knew would do it. The Rachel he knew was 23, cancer-free, child free and was able to take risks. A lot has changed in 12 years. I can’t say I’m cracked up about the idea of fighting cancer this long and however long I have to only to end up a wet blob on the ground form a skydiving accident. This isn’t a Tim McGraw song. I have kids to live for. Do you think I’d be flying back and forth from Texas, having surgery after surgery after surgery because I want to take crazy risks? I do those things to stay alive... for my kids.
Yep, I’d love to be footloose and fancy-free but I’m responsible for my girls and that responsibility includes staying alive to be a Mom.
I sound like an old fuddy-duddy, right? Well, I’m not going to go eat a blowfish either.
I just wanted to say blow.

So I am in row 21, seat D. Dad is in Row 26... right next to the toilet. Hopefully he gets a nap because i think I kept him up on the last flight.
We’re getting a car- no SUV this time unless I luck out again. Right.
Then to the Hotel. I think I’m going to just sleep. It will be rough for the next few days- Dad is an “Early to bed, Early to rise” kinda guy. I am a night owl and somehow a morning person at the same time. I like being up for breakfast- but I want to go back to bed right after. So what’s the term for that? Lazy... oh yeah.
My Doc appointment is at 3 tomorrow then I’ll find out what time the surgery is on Tuesday and if I’ll be there overnight and for how long.. yadda, yadda, yadda. Dad DID say he wants to go to BillyBob’s and we’ll probably see the grassy knoll. Isn’t that stuff you HAVE to do if you’re in Dallas for more than 2 days? If we’re going to have to be there anyway- might as well make the most of it. And maybe Dad can try some REAL Mexican food.
Well, the drink cart is coming my way and I’m STARVING!!!

More later, Folks.

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  1. On the lighter side of things I saw the grassy knoll in Dallas when I was there too. A tour of Texas Stadium is a good time as well.