Monday, January 3, 2011

A Week To Remember

Well, the New Year is here.
I want to approach 2011 with excitement, hope and positivity. But honestly, I've done that with every year since 2008 and it never seems to pan out.
I've had bits of good- but nowhere near a span of a year with GOOD.
This week is kind of a clincher: I'm waiting on the phone call from the Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center to see if they can actually make the vaccine for me. I want to call them but I'm scared to death to do it. I'm on the edge of my seat really. This is like having only one basket in which to put all your eggs. So I did. High hopes- and that means a hard landing if it does't pan out. I'm half expecting bad news because I can't really remember any good news that actually turned out to be good news as far as cancer treatment was concerned. It's been "Well, we ____ but there's still _____ and more than likely (insert something awful here)" Irritating.

But also this week- The family trip to Disney World in Florida! I haven't even started packing- but I am making a list of what we need. Does that count? It'll be a happy hassle to get out summer-ish clothes, plus you can pack more. I guess they will have volunteers going around with families to take pictures. Beautiful! I'm usually the one behind the camera so those 'memories' would be- "See the picture your mother took?" And you can only take so many self-portraits, you never see the background. Hello. I don't have much patience for people who say "uh, I don't know how to take pictures." Really? You can't point the camera at what you want a picture of, make sure it's all on the screen, then push a button? C'mon. That's a piss poor excuse to get out of it. Carry a camera and take pictures for 5 minutes. Voila! You can do it.
I took pictures for a family at the Statue Of Liberty. They wanted the NY skyline in the background. Simple. They got great pictures, I held the camera up (mind you- I'm only 5'2-1/2") but got them AND the skyline... that was the reason for getting the pics on that side of the statue. So we wanted the same picture with the whole family (AND the NY Skyline)... you know what our picture looked like? Poo. Yeah, we're all in it- but were we at the Grand Canyon? The Eiffel Tower? The Space Needle? Branson, Missouri? You'd never know. They didn't bother to hold the camera up another few inches to include the skyline.
It's like other "should knows" in life. You should know how to take a good decent picture. You should know how to make ramen noodles. You should know one really great movie. You should know one GREAT one-liner joke. You should know how to replace the toilet paper roll. (This one is a problem in my house. When I die there will be piles of toilet paper tubes alongside the toilets- and nothing on the actual holder.) You should know how to get a hold of a super Fix-It guy.

Eh, More life lessons from moi. And I've gotten off track again.

Bitch, bitch, bitch. I'm done for now. I promise.

I'm really stoked to get to Disney to see the girls' faces light up. To see them the first time they encounter a "Princess", the first time they see Mickey Mouse. I forget a lot- but there are things that sear into your brain and I just know this experience will be one. Right up there with hearing "I love you too" for the first time from each of the girls.

I will update if there is news to tell before then.

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