Monday, March 7, 2011

Texax vs. Appendix cancer- Round 2

I'm hanging out in the chemo bay at the Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center waiting for the shot. I'm a baby... it hurts. Why can I get a tattoo no prob, but the shot makes me wince?
Yeah- just got it. owie!
Now they do vitals every ten minutes for half an hour and I'm on my merry way.
Getting here this morning was fun- flight to Charlotte, NC was about an hour and I think I did the head bobbin all the way there. Hey, I got up at 2am to leave at 2:45 to get to the airport, checked in, through security and on the plane by 5:25.
Then the 3 hour flight to Dallas from there... in a MIDDLE SEAT!!! argh! Sitting next to a guy who didn't seem to care that his elbow was practically halfway in my seat. So I was a tad uncomfortable... okay a LOT uncomfortable for 3 hours.
I DID get a sweet Ford Escape for the rental. Lipstick Red. It was the best deal for the day. Who knew?
So I am off to the hotel after this to rest up. I may get a chance to skype with my girls... hopefully it works this time. I had a major malfunction last time. Operator error I'm sure.

Oh- so did you want to know if anything was different? What the Docs say and stuff? I bet you doooooooo.....
The tumor in my abdomen seems to have not grown. If it has- it's not a signifigant amount. Hoo. Ray. Yes, I've lost weight, a whopping 6 pounds since I was here last. The doc says that the tumor isn't protruding as much as it was and since I've lost weight, she thinks that it would be MORE noticeable- but it isn't.
Is it the vaccine or dumb luck at this point? "They" say the vaccine won't work for at least 8 weeks. 4 more to go to get to that point. But things are already looking good.


  1. Do NOT doubt the power of prayer and intention to shrink that tumor with the vaccine's help... There are lots of people who care about you and are putting forth positive energy of one kind or another and all you have to do is keep visualizing the vaccine working. I know you have been through a lot and doubt can creep in, but one day at a time see it getting smaller and smaller. I am aligning with you and know this IS for the highest and best good of all concerned, so be it and SO IT IS....!!! whooooo!!

    Keep up the good work, girl!