Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coming up on Round 2

Yesterday was a blur. I went to work- left to head to Lancaster for the last of my blood draws (that's about a 90 minute drive) I sat in the waiting room for about 20 minutes before I asked them how much longer it would be since they didn't look like they were doing anything at all. Evidently they "lost" me. Naturally that happens when I was in a hurry because I had to be in Marietta (2 hours from Lancaster) by 2:30pm. It only took a minute though.
So by the time I got to Marietta, they had my bloodwork from Lancaster so I didn't need a draw there too.
The doctor went over my numbers with me. Things look mostly good. My protien levels are good, blood counts are good, blood sugar, liver numbers and stuff= good. My iron is low, but that's going to happen since my body can't absorb it from food like it should. I'll be having an infusion next week when I get back from the 2nd shot. I've lost 10lbs since I was there last time (January 26?). That's really not horrible if you think about it- it was more than a month ago. Plus the Dr explained (especially to my sister) the weight loss to my sister and maybe everybody will get off my case about it now. Even if I lose another 30lbs I won't be crying about it if it's a gradual thing and I am technically healthy. I don't eat the amounts I used to and I don't LOOOOOOVE everything like I used to. Though I still want a friggin' Olive Garden salad.
I'm looking forward to the next shot... and the next and the next and so on. I can still feel this tumor in my abdomen but it's not scaring the shit out of me right now. I was seriously worried that I wouldn't be able to make it the 8 weeks waiting for the vaccine to work. Since it's almost 4 weeks down and I'm doing okay- I can breathe a little easier. Always on alert though.


  1. Glad to hear that your blood results are normal!
    I also love Olive Garden salads! Yum!
    You're in my thoughts!

  2. God, I love good news. And the Olive Garden! Still sending good thoughts and prayers your way.


  3. Intending and praying the miracle medicine is doing it's work and healing you right now...for the highest and best good of all concerned...so be it and SO IT IS.... whooooooo! Amen

  4. so glad to hear that you are feeling much better and your spirit is high!
    keep it going!!!!!