Friday, February 25, 2011

Feelings... Nothing More Than Feelings...

Well- Today I feel good. I mean it. I was draggin' a bit this morning, but with the right balance of painkillers and coffee, I'm good to go. :)
I am kind of in a rush to get things organized for my next visit to Dallas... I should have had things done sooner I know, but I am a horrible procrastinator.
I am just now getting around to setting up a "Treatment" account at the credit union. I have people who are donating hotel rooms, plane tickets, airline vouchers and such and I need to get with the American Cancer Society about the 2 tickets they definitely cover (they only guarantee one set of 2 a year) that Jason and I will be using in May for the 3 day visit when I have the CT scans to look for vaccine progress.
It's a full time job to organize all these things and appointments and doctors and arrrggghhh!!!
I think every cancer patient should get a free accountant and secretary. Wouldn't that be nice?
I'll deal with the cancer, but can't someone else do all the legwork for me? har har. I'll just stay right here and sleep.
Okay- More notes of amazement and thanks: My Navy buddy, Jason has taken care of my April plane ticket with a Southwest Airlines free ticket. My other Navy buddy, Danny has taken care of $1,100 of the $2,000 for the March vaccine because of the Fundrazr site he set up on Facebook. My friend Stephanie is talking to a group she knows about covering some sort of expense that goes with treatment. And i just found out today that my April vaccine will be covered by a person who wishes to remain anonymous.
I don't even know what to say.
When I signed up for the vaccine- knowing that it would be $2,000 out of pocket for the vaccine alone, I was going over in my head how many I could actually GET before the money dried up and I would just have to bow out. But thanks to the overwhelming generosity of others, I'm more than halfway there. 3 of 5 vaccines covered.
I'm sure people will get sick of hearing my name before hearing "Can you help?" I want this vaccine to work for a lot of reasons... and that's one. Wearing out my welcome.
I get sick of hearing it too. I want to be on the other side of this debacle so I can be a survivor and in the position to help instead of the one needing help.
For now- I physically feel good. Mentally... Great. Ready to take on the world again.
And it has everything to do with drawing my strength from all the wonderful support I've gotten for so long.
Thank you.

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  1. You are helping people more than you know Rachel. Some people have never reached out of their comfort zones to help and they are feeling good about helping such an awesome mom, woman, wife, and all of the other awesome titles you carry! I'm so glad that you are feeling good today. Look out world!