Monday, February 14, 2011

One Week Later~~~~

I've been truly lazy. I have a computer at home, but didn't feel like going all the way downstairs to update my blog. How's that for lazy?
In my own defense- After the vaccine on Monday, blood draw on Tuesday then flying home, then driving for nearly 3 hours- round trip Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for blood draws- I am tired.
That's news, right? That I'm tired? Are you tired? Of hearing that? Me too.
So from the top... Tuesday I went for the blood draw in Dallas- then headed to Dallas Fort Worth Airport to drop off the rental car and catch my plane. Hm, the flight leaves @ 4:35 but my itenerary says 4:30. Now why can't I check in? Oh- because my plane leaves from Dallas LOVE FIELD... 30 MINUTES AWAY!! Grrrrr!!!!!
I booked the flight and didn't pay any attention. So I had to catch a cab and hope I got there with enough time to catch my plane or be stuck in Dallas for another day.
Luckily all went smoothly after that. Nice "Duh" moment though. I think I'll pay a bit more attention next time.
I got home no problem and my Dad met me at the airport. It took about 5 minutes for me to show him my new tattoo. He doesn't approve of tattoos but this is my 7th so he's not floored by it. Though he did lighten up a bit after I showed him what it was.
Are you wanting to see it?
If you're wondering where it is, it's on my right wrist. I wanted it to be my first real visible tat. That pic was taken about 1 minute after it was finished- so it looks SORE. Cuz it was. :) It's in the ick stage now- healing. Almost done.

Well- I'm sure you're wanting to know about the vaccine and effects and all that. I don't feel any different. I wish I did because I'd constantly think it's working. I had weird cramps for the first couple of days after the injection. The Center said it was common to get that with abdominal cancers after the shot- they don't know why though. Eh- I've had worse. I go back on March 7th. The next shot is covered too, from my Aunt's spaghetti dinner fundraiser and online help from the Fundrazr site my friend Danny set up. I just found out that a little church in rural Southern Ohio gave $500 to the dinner fundraiser. Bethel United Methodist Church- So nice of them. It is a tiny church and I'm sure that is no small chunk of change to them. Thank you to everyone who helped. I am humbled yet again.

Well, I'm headed to Lancaster today for another blood draw. Then next Monday, the next and then I'll be back in Dallas the Monday after that.
I am trying to "Juice" no, not sterroids, Juicing: a la Jack Lalane. I did 2 this weekend- "Make Juice, Not War" recipe from 'Crazy, Sexy Diet' (Thanks Cheryl) and I'll be making more today. Plus I'm going to try bee pollen in conjunction with all the other mayhem that should be boosting the hell out of my immune system.
It really can't happen soon enough. I know that if I had a flat stomach- you could plainly see the tumor in my lower abdomen. That is, if I showed it to you- I don't readily walk around with the area under my c-section scar exposed. Yeah- that's where it is. VERY uncomfortable. And it's not getting any smaller.

Tick tock.


  1. always make me laugh! Go green!!! As if I needed confirmation that juicing couldn't hurt I'm checking out the Block Integrative Cancer Center in Illinois...I hope to go there this summer for my 2nd year check-in. Their approach sounds interesting and since I'm in watch and wait mode might as well have something interesting to do in the meantime :)

    I'm amazed at how much traveling you are doing and on your own and really love reading your posts.

  2. I heard of your blog from a friend on FB, but I can't even remember who. Someone from high school in New Orleans, I think. Anyway, I check here all the time. So please keep getting up and posting! I don't know you at all, but I think about you often and about your courage and honesty.

    I HATE cancer!!! Too many people are affected. You can do it. Enjoy your life.