Saturday, February 5, 2011

Down Time= Not So Down.

Got to Austin Thursday afternoon after stopping on Hillsboro (just south of Dallas) because I was just too tired to keep driving. It was nasty and cold and I just wanted to lay down. It had been a long 2 days.
Thursday night we had dinner at a restaurant on Congress... I had the most delicious meal- stuffed tomatoes. I am going over the ingredients in my head repeatedly so I can try to replicate it when I get home.
Friday I basically slept all day. Really. Jamie went into work late because the roads were horrible so I was up with him until he left then went to bed. Then got up when he came home for lunch, then went back to bed, then got up about an hour before he came home at 7 because we were going to meet someone for dinner.
So today I slept in but I did get up and dressed and presentable before Jamie got home. Then Ferrell (Jamie's friend- now mine too) picked me up for a day out. We went to Dillard's for a facial, he bought me some facial treatment stuff to make me all pretty and he also bought me the lovely shoes that I was oogling on the way in.
After that we went to Congress St to walk the shops. It was beautiful out- about 60 degrees so it was perfect! We found some CUTE stuff and then had a little dinner. It was lots of fun hanging with him. We'd hung out a few times when I lived in Austin WAY back, but I never got to hang out one on one. He's wonderful!
Tomorrow is brunch and my new tat probably :) then I will head to Dallas on Monday morning. The Doc's appointment isn't until noon so I have plenty of time to get there. It's easier for me to do it first thing in the morning because by afternoon I need a nap.
Monday night I will be hanging with Hanner and his family again. SO nice to have wonderful friends. I will have been in Texas for 7 nights and only paid for a hotel room ONE of those nights. I am very lucky to have good friends.
Still a little anxious about what the doctor will say on Monday but it doesn't do me any good to stress about it now. So it was nice to be pampered a little today.

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  1. Your day sounds lovely Rachel, and you are so blessed to have such good friends. I hope all goes well on Monday, the sooner you get that needle the better. We want you all better and enjoying life to the fullest. Keeping you in my prayers.....:-) Hugs